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Who we are and what you can count on us :

* epabx.biz hosted by Trust Marketing with 20 Years of experience in EPABX Industry.

* Trust Marketing Has its presence all over India for sales & service of EPABX.

* Tied up with almost every local & national brand for marketing their EPABX in India.

* Have dedicated team for Asterisk EPABX development.

* One point contact for solution for basic Analog EPABX to customised Asterisk EPABX.

* You can count on us for unbiased solution for your EPABX requirement.

Technology Analog Digital Any
Features 1 PRI <1 PRI IP Voice Mail
Max Extension Upto 10 > 10 & upto 24 > 24 & upto 50 > 50 & upto 100 >100 & upto 300 >300 & upto 1000 > 1000 Any

1800 10 33033
0988 42 66666

Accord EPABX - Telemagic - 103 Accord EPABX - Telemagic - 105 Accord EPABX - Telemagic - 206
Accord EPABX - Telemagic - 308 Accord EPABX - Pride 309 Accord EPABX - Pride 412
Accord EPABX - AX 30 Accord EPABX - AX 100 Accord EPABX - AX 200
Accord EPABX - ADX 400 Accord EPABX - ADX 600 NEC EPABX - Topazlite
NEC EPABX - Aspilla - Topaz NEC EPABX - SL 1000 NEC EPABX - SV 8100
NEC EPABX - SV 8300 NEC EPABX - SV 8500 Panasonic EPABX - TEB 308
Panasonic EPABX - TES 824 Panasonic EPABX - TDA 100 Panasonic EPABX - TDA 200
Panasonic EPABX - TDA 600 Panasonic EPABX - TDA 100D Panasonic EPABX - TDE 100
Panasonic EPABX - TDE 200 Panasonic EPABX - TDE 600 Samsung EPABX - Office Serv 7070
Samsung EPABX - Office Serv 7200 Samsung EPABX - Office Serv 7400 Matrix EPABX - Proton 103
Matrix EPABX - Proton 205 Matrix EPABX - Proton 206 Matrix EPABX - Proton 308
Matrix EPABX - Vision 206S Matrix EPABX - Vision 308S Matrix EPABX - Vision 309S
Matrix EPABX - Eternity PE 3SS Matrix EPABX - Eternity PE 3SP Matrix EPABX - Eternity PE 6SP
Matrix EPABX - Eternity GE 3S Matrix EPABX - Eternity GE 6S Matrix EPABX - Eternity GE 12S
Matrix EPABX - Eternity ME 10S Matrix EPABX - Eternity ME 16S Matrix EPABX - Eternity NE2
Matrix EPABX - Eternity NE3 Matrix EPABX - Eternity NE4 Matrix EPABX - Eternity NE6
Siemens EPABX - Hipath 1120 Siemens EPABX - Hipath 1130 Siemens EPABX - Hipath 1150
Siemens EPABX - Hipath 1190 Siemens EPABX - Hipath 3300 Siemens EPABX - Hipath 3350
Siemens EPABX - Hipath 3500 Siemens EPABX - Hipath 3550 Siemens EPABX - Hipath 3800
Siemens EPABX - Hipath 4000 Crystal EPABX - Pluto 104 Crystal EPABX - Alpha 207 EXE
Crystal EPABX - Alpha 207 KY Crystal EPABX - Alpha 207 EXE Crystal EPABX - Alpha 308 KY
Crystal EPABX - GAMMA 412 ZX Crystal EPABX - GAMMA 618 ZX Crystal EPABX - GAMMA 40 ZX
Crystal EPABX - GAMMA 56 ZX Crystal EPABX - GAMMA 96 ZX Crystal EPABX - Hybrex 40P
Crystal EPABX - Hybrex 64P Crystal EPABX - Hybrex 80P Crystal EPABX - Hybrex 160P
Crystal EPABX - Hybrex 240P Crystal EPABX - Hybrex 320P Crystal EPABX - Hybrex 400P
Crystal EPABX - Hybrex 480P Crystal EPABX - Hybrex 560P Crystal EPABX - Hybrex 640P
Syntel EPABX - NEOS 3S Syntel EPABX - NEOS 4S Syntel EPABX - NEOS 6S
Syntel EPABX - NEOS 8S Syntel EPABX - NEOS 16S Coral EPABX - SBDX
Coral EPABX - SBDX(PRI) Coral EPABX - DX 2000 40P Coral EPABX - DX 2000 72P
Coral EPABX - DX 2000 120P Coral EPABX - IRIS Lite Coral EPABX - IRIS

EPABX News and Events

SAMSUNGs world premier EPABX system is designed to provide total business solutions depending on your companys size and requirement. With Built-In Voice Mail & VOIP Channels, Samsung Range of Digital EPABX & IP EPABX meets all your Communication Requirement with ease.

Samsung IP-EPABX extend the features and capabilities of traditional voice telephony to packet telephony voice and data networks. This convergence of technologies makes possible more centralized, secure operation, efficient resource management, and reduced operating expenses.

CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) is another forte in Samsung EPABX. Built-in fully functional CTI with Outlook integration gives you an unmatched ease in handling your Incoming and outgoing call traffic in your EPABX. Samsung EPABX complies with Q-Sig International standards and seamlessly integrates with Alcatel EPABX, Avaya EPABX, Siemens EPABX, Ericsson EPABX, Nortel EPABX, Tadiran EPABX, NEC EPABX, Panasonic EPABX and any other EPABX's that complies with Qsig.

Transparent One time ownership cost & No Hidden Licensing Procedures for your expansion, Samsung EPABX ensures Low cost of ownership and maintenance.

With the UNIVERGE SV8000 series Communications Server, NEC EPABX has realized the potential of IP telephony through a forward-looking, highly efficient system that provides the investment protection required by todays enterprise.

NEC Group Vision 2017 -To be a leading global company leveraging the power of innovation to realize an information society friendly to humans and the earth.

For the second time in a row, NEC Corporation (NEC) has been ranked first in 2006, worldwide enterprise telephony equipment market share by Gartner

Unified communications in NEC EPABX facilitates communication between separate products such as voice, e-mail, Wi-Fi, video, cellular, IM web conferencing, unified messaging, calendar functions and more, making it possible to combine and use different forms of communication seamlessly and effortlessly.

Panasonic EPABX IP Phone KX-NT400 receives 2010 Best Electronic Systems Technologies (BEST) Award from CEPro

Panasonic EPABX launches TDA100D optimised for SLT based office user with 24 SLI card thus increasing the capacity to 128 Extensions.

Panasonic EPABX - TVA200 brings forth an advanced Voicemail capability to TDA & TDE range of EPABX with 1022 hours recording capacity.

Accord EPABX Covers every nook and corner of India with 1500 + dealers and has installed more than 2 Millions Ports in the last 20 Years.

Accord Communication Limited brand owners of Accord EPABX launches powerful ACCORD range of Mobile Phones & @PAD

Accord Communication Limited brand owners of Accord EPABX has very powerful 8 port GSM gateway to connect GSM SIM cards to your EPABX in a professional way.

Accord EPABX is the only EPABX that has a wide range of EPABX that fits every requirement starting with 1 Trunk & 3 Extensions (Analog Range of EPABX) to 504 Extensions Digital EPABX.

Accord EPABX is one of the few EPABX systems that is listed with DGS&D for Government supplies

Accord EPABX enters into a strategic alliance with MITEL corp to market their range of IP EPABX in India.

In the year 2004, Matrix EPABX won the Award for Excellence in Professional Electronics conferred by the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology.

In the year 2004, Matrix EPABX won the EFY Readers Choice Award for the Best PBX- KTS Company for First time.

In the year 2005, Matrix EPABX won the EFY Readers Choice Award for the Best EPABX-KTS Company for the Second Time

In the year 2006, Matrix EPABX won the EFY Readers Choice Award for the Best EPABX- KTS Company for Third Time in a row

In the year 2007, Matrix EPABX won the EFY Readers Choice Award for the Best EPABX- KTS Company for the fourth year in a row

In the year 2007, Matrix EPABX was conferred the 9th IETE Corporate Award for Excellence in Computer & Telecommunication Systems by the Institution of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineers, India.

In the year 2008, Matrix EPABX received the Best Electronics Company Award from the Gujarat Electronics and Software Industries Association (GESIA).

In the year 2008, Matrix EPABX was conferred the Best SSI Unit Award by the Federation of Gujarat Industries

In the year 2009, Matrix received the Best Electronics Company Award from the Gujarat Electronics and Software Industries Association (GESIA)

Matrix EPABX has over 200+ Man-years of R&D Experience

Matrix EPABX has over 500+ Channel Partners

Matrix EPABX has over 150,000+ Satisfied Customers

Matrix EPABX is the First Indian telecom Company with Global Footprint in Asia, Europe, Africa, North America and South America

Matrix EPABX is the First Indian Telecom company with Quality Certifications like ISO, CE, FCC, TEC, RoHS

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